Price Transparency

Price Transparency

At Latham & Co we are committed that the pricing of our legal services is clear and available for our clients. This being at the earliest stage of the matter and at all stages thereafter, ensuring there are no surprises.

Such price transparency helps us build lasting relationships with our clients, by providing a good service without the worry of unforeseen costs.

Please see (click on) the following cost guides:

The provisions further provide a requirement for us to publish the following information:



  • The prices stated are exclusive of VAT;
  • Latham & Co are VAT registered and our prices (including certain disbursements) are subject to VAT which is presently set at a rate of 20%, however
  • Please note that some expenses may be deemed to be ‘disbursements for VAT purposes’ and VAT will not be charged but there may be other expenses or charges, such as those made for bank transfer fees or electronic identity searches (classed as overheads or which may have a profit cost element).

If you have any queries with regard to costs, disbursements or VAT please do not hesitate to contact us.